The Pumping Mama I’m Tessa, blessed with one daughter, Moo.

Our journey hasn’t been easy so far, but I’m savouring every moment.

Gentle parent, sufferer of post natal depression, exclusive pumper.





  1. Love your blog. I was an exclusive pumper too. Keep up the great work supermom! Is there a way to email you (can’t seem to find address on the blog). Want to connect with you about an idea. Thanks! -Sarah

  2. I found your blog via Virtually All Sorts, and wanted to check it out because she mentioned you had PND. I also had that with my children and know how hard it is! My kids are now 25 and 22 but I remember the dark hardness of depression and the screaming electricity of anxiety. I still deal with it but haven’t had a knock down drag out in several years. I used (and still use) medication to keep it in check, and as I have aged and have more time- exercise as well. Just wanted to reach out and be supportive. 🙂


  3. I dealt with PND also. It’s hard. Hang in there. :/

  4. Sorry – I am sure this is an internet cliche – but I keep having to check that you are not actually me. I had started to think I was the only one for whom the baby blues weren’t some transient blip gotten over before maternity leave ended. My daughter is also 2 and half and just getting into deliberate nastiness. I too spend a great deal of time wondering when she will figure out she deserves a much better mum than me. I have been stuck at the breast feeding versus medication cross roads for about 2 years now….I simultaneously think that it is definitely more important to sort ones mental health than to BF and that I just can’t stop…like its the only thing I actually give her that is from me. Its too stupid for words. If you happen to find a grip shop then do forward me their address!

    • There are medications that can help that are safe when breastfeeding. I hope to continue on those.

      It’s pretty awful, isn’t it? I’m praying that this isn’t forever. I’m told it does get better. Sorry to read that you’re going through this too. At least we’re not alone. 🙂

  5. what is a ‘Pumper?’

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