Being A Mother Is Shit

Play dates and arts and crafts and bed time stories and dancing in the sunshine. Bollocks. I call bullshit. Whoever told you it’s like that is lying to you. It’s about 5% that. The other 95% is just sheer hard work. Some days the only thing that keeps me going is the knowledge that children die if you don’t look after them.

You don’t even get piss breaks. They’ll whine and throw themselves onto the floor until you give in and take them with you, just to make the noise stop. You’ll never keep an outfit clean all day again. Your favourite things will probably be the ones that get stains on. You may as well never buy anything new again. Fuck it, just wear pajamas.

If you thought you were tired after a long day at work, think again. You have no concept of the meaning of the word tired until you have kids. Exhausted, drained, fatigued, call it what you will, it will make you want to curl up in a ball and cry. Going to work is the only escape from the actual work. No paid job can be this tough, it’d be inhumane.

All those happy memes spouting tripe about it ‘totally being worth it’, ‘the most precious gift’ and children being ‘my reason for living’ make me queasy. It’s relentless nagging and overwhelming responsibility. I just need to find the perfect photo to fit the caption.

Children drain your bank balance, your health, your mental state. They ruin your home, your sanity, your dignity. My advice? Don’t bother.



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  1. 😦 *hug* it is flipping hard work x

  2. Most days it’s like this and love that you’re honest enough to admit it. Let’s say it together ” Fuck Off” xx

  3. Yes, it’s impossibly hard. And society has, in my view, communicated ridiculous expectations of parents – that we should enjoy every moment of it. Every moment – really? I remember once reading an email announcement of a new baby and the mom said, “I was in love the minute I saw my baby.” All I could think was that I must be the worst mom in the world because “love” was about the last thing I thought when my oldest was born. And for several years after that, too! πŸ™‚

    • I resented mine after she was born, this child had changed my life for the worst, but I see the positives now and try to hold onto those when the going gets really rough!

      • I remember forcing myself to kiss her on the forehead every time I picked her up as a newborn. I was terrified of not bonding with her and ruining her in the process, but bonding was about the last thing I was capable of doing with this little creature who had totally rocked my world.

        I think it’s great that you can see the positives. I can too, although some days are still rough…

      • There will always be rough days. Hopefully the good will outweigh the bad.

        I can remember my mum making me snuggle Moo in as I gave her a bottle and I held her while she slept. I think that helped.

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