Monthly Archives: May 2014

Dear Blog…


I’ve been kinda distant, I know. I’ve totally neglected you. Most days I haven’t even checked in. Your comments have gone unread, your stats are low. I haven’t even tweeted about you in a while. It’s not you, it’s me.

To start with I was down. Really down. I didn’t have the motivation to feed myself, let alone check my emails. So you sat there, and I sat there, pretty useless.

Then I started emerging from the chrysalis of deep depression. But you stayed in hibernation. I was going out, just doing stuff. Nothing too exciting, not anything worth writing about, but I was busy. I should have included you, updated you with my progress, but I just got on with things.

I lost my mojo. You weren’t exciting anymore, I didn’t have any words for you. I was just plodding, and you remained dormant. I feel guilty, you’ve missed a chapter of my life. I won’t go backwards, but I’d like to go forwards with you, if you’ll have me?

I’ve realised I’ve missed you, my companion. I’ve missed the friends we’ve made together, the relationship we’ve forged. The back and forth, the lessons you give me.

And so, here I am. Hoping for another chance. I’ll keep writing, and you’ll keep listening, offering answers as my thoughts unfurl. I hope we can have many more adventures together, you and I.

With love,

Your ever dependant writer.