The School Holidays Are Shit

Here’s why:

There are no groups running. I usually attend two or three of these ‘mother and toddler’ things a week. Mostly for the tepid coffee and occasional home made carrot cake. Moo mingles (I say ‘mingles’, I mean claws and scratches other children out of the way for the best toys) and I get to talk to a human being that can annunciate. During the breaks, I get none of this. Not a slab of sugary goodness in sight.

If you do decide to venture out, there are children everywhere. Public places are riddled with them. The pavement becomes an obstacle course of cape wearing speed demons on scooters and tweens looking at their shoes with iPods blaring. Soft play is a jungle and the queue for the swings is 100 yards long.


An alternative is to stay in, and do the all round entertainer mummy thing. So much pressure. Pinterest provides a smorgasbord of arts and crafts and baking activities, all of which are entirely unachievable. The disappointment on your child’s face when their cake pops resemble turds will live with you forever.

I’m sure there are many mothers that relish the chance to spend a week or two with their darlings. Me? I’m filled with anxiety about the whole thing. I’ll do what I can to amuse Moo and make some happy memories, but the change in routine is an unavoidable mental health nightmare.

Bah, humbug.


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  1. It’s the summer holidays that panic me as my two are so pale they can’t be outside too long when it’s sunny!

  2. That’s a shame that your groups stop in the holidays, I only go to one and it’s on all the time.

  3. Hahah! I’m so not looking forward to when my LO is old enough to have school holidays but I reckon your next blog you should put up a picture of your turd cake pops 😀

  4. I understand totally with regards to the holidays. With a son who’s just turned 3 and a baby due in next few weeks, exhaustion combined with anti depressant medication reduced 3 times (to go to nothing pre baby) and no toddler groups or pre school feels me with utter dread. I just don’t know how I or he is gonna cope with this change of routine.

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