The Pumping Mama Is One

It’s been a year since I started The Pumping Mama Facebook page, as a way to escape abuse on my personal profile when sharing images and articles that I found to be interesting and/or inspiring. I became free to discuss breastfeeding in a way that I couldn’t before, and soon connected with other mamas on the same journey of exclusive pumping. The WordPress blog followed, along with Instagram and Twitter accounts. I’ve been profoundly touched by the messages of support and encouragement, particularly when my writing became much more focused on my ill mental health. Depression and anxiety can take you to very dark, lonely places so I’ve deeply appreciated every kind word typed to me over the last twelve months.

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The Facebook blog has developed from being a pumping diary, to a support page. Being able to post questions and worries on behalf of other women has been a gift, something positive coming from a very difficult time. I’ll always be heartbroken that I didn’t breastfeed, but contributing something to the exclusively pumping community has eased the pain. The range of topics I write about has broadened, to parenting in general and mental health. Blogging about postnatal depression and my mental illness has been free therapy for me and my online support network is invaluable. Although my pumping journey has come to an end, I hope that this new direction of blogging continues for a long time to come.

It’s funny that this anniversary falls on Mother’s Day. I’m not sure how I feel about it. On one hand, it’s lovely, and somehow fitting. This whole chapter of my online life came about because I became a parent, a mother. But on the other hand, Mother’s Day is a difficult time personally. Something about the whole celebration doesn’t sit right with me, as though I’m some kind of fraud. I don’t feel deserving of a special day of recognition for my mothering skills. I’m barely a parent at all most days and often don’t want to even be a mother. Brutal, but true.

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I had hoped that Mother’s Day would be a very different affair by now, that I’d be much more ‘sorted’. But as it turns out, I’m not quite there. I shall try to enjoy the day, embrace it. I know I’ll savour the lie in and the restaurant dinner and I’m looking forward to holding Moo pretty tight. As with all parents, I’ll muddle through the next year as best I can, potentially making (hopefully not too catastrophic) mistakes and learning about myself along the way.

Here’s to all mothers, of Earth babies and angel babies, mothers to be and mothers of the future, to all women raising children, doing the best that they can with the hand they’ve been dealt; I hope you have a beautiful, beautiful day, filled with love and peace.

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  1. Just figured out UK Mothers Day must be different from US. For a minute there I thought I lost a couple of months. :). A happy Mother’s Day to you. And many many more – you may always feel a bit of a fraud because we really do just make shit up as we go along most times. But rest assured- you ARE a mom. And a good one too I think no matter how you might “feel”. You can’t always believe your feelings when you are depressed.

  2. Beautiful! Gave me goose bumps in fact.

  3. italkaboutboobs

    Thanks for your honesty. Sending you love from the USA πŸ™‚

  4. Well said, indeed! You have had to play with a much worse hand than most have been dealt, and you are doing so well my dear – so amazingly well.
    Much love and good wishes for the year ahead! X
    (Ps me and my family prefer to celebrate at the end of January, as this marks the time we were discharged from the MBU and ready to properly begin family life – we don’t have a name for this celebration, but it’s a special time for us πŸ™‚ )

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