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Here are a few links to my random ramblings that have appeared on other blogs and in publications. Feel free to have a browse!


Baby’s Breastie: So What If The Beds Aren’t Made?

I dreamed of being a parent when I was young, and the fantasy looked very different from the reality. Sure, I pictured chaos and piles of laundry, but I certainly didn’t predict postnatal depression and a catastrophic mess. I imagined home-cooked wholesome meals and a tidy, organised play room. I could not have been more naive.

dishes the pumping mama


Hilltop Hippie: I’m Still Standing

A lot of my blog entries are kinda ‘woe is me’, pity parties and totally self absorbed, which is pretty much what depression is about. But, you know what? I’m still here, I’m still being a mother, I’m still pumping, which is a lot more than I thought I’d achieve around this time two years ago.


Lactivist In Louboutins: To The Healthcare Professionals

Thank you for letting me down.

Thank you for not reading my birth plan, for ignoring my wishes, for arguing about my care while I laid bleeding to death.

Thank you for forcing Moo to the breast, for making her first nursing experiences as traumatic as possible. Thank you for not calling on specialist help.


BabyCentre: So This Isn’t The Journey You Hoped For

You dreamed of breastfeeding. You hoped to nourish your baby with your body, to watch them gently suckling at your breast. I understand that desire. I too wanted that experience more than many will ever understand. I’m not sure why I wanted it so much myself. It was instinct, natural, one of the strongest, most intense needs I’ve ever had.


LLLGB: Breastfeeding Matters Magazine March/April 2014

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