Love Is…

I actually wrote this post in July 2013 and  never published it as I wasn’t sure if it ‘fit’ well into my blog. But My Petit Canard started this ‘I Love’ series off, and Redhead Babyled tagged me to give it a go.

So here it is. A list of things that I love, that bring me great joy, that make me feel alive, when, at times, I quite often don’t want to exist.


Things I Love:

 The pitter patter of rain and knowing that its nourishing the ground, replenishing the Earth, enabling food to grow and wildlife to live.


 Thunder and lightening and that kind of slanting heavy rain, with wind that makes the house shake. The sound of hail pinging down the chimney and feeling safe and snug in bed.

Laying down. Easily my favourite pastime. The weight of my head on a soft cool pillow and the duvet cover pulled tight over my shoulder.

 Eating Lotus biscuit spread from the jar with a spoon or cheeky finger. The naughtiness making sure it tastes even better than it does melted on hot toast.

Being a passenger in a car. Quiet time to think with the world racing by.

 People watching. Marvelling at the enormity of this world, knowing that every single person has a whole life. Guessing what family they have, what their homes might look like, wondering what their values and beliefs are.

 Food. The enormous variety of things to taste, the complicated flavours and textures. Sharing a meal with friends or family, time around the table to connect.

 Beautiful fabric. Limitless possibilities of things to make. Prints and patterns, spots and stripes, stars, animals, waves, paisley, retro…

 Quirky shops. At first it may all seem like tat, but on closer inspection, it’s treasure. Trinkets and gadgets galore. Vintage clothes, precious antiques. Mismatched tea cups, costume jewellery, wooden toys.

 Books. The smell, the feel, the sound pages make as they’re turned. Total escapism. New worlds unfolding in your mind. Looking at the spines all lined up on shelves that start at the bottom and go all the way up.

Music. The feeling of bursting into song, really letting rip at the top of your lungs, that glorious feeling. A haunting melody, witty lyrics, connecting with another person as you hum the same tune.


 The seasons. Summer with its drawn out days. The warmth of sun on your skin and the way it smells. Beaches and parks and al fresco dining. Candles lit in the garden, picking fruit. Winter with its crunchy leaves and fireworks. The excitement as Christmas draws near and the possibility of snow. Wrapping up in hand knitted garments, hands in pockets and lighting the open fire.

Coffee. The smell, rich and sweet. The bustle of a coffee shop, hoping to get the sofa by the window. The noise of milk being steamed, the warmth of a mug in your hand. 5 minutes peace.


 A deep bath. Cautiously stepping in, lowering down slowly, feeling muscles relax. Escaping into a trashy magazine, the smell of soap and the feel of smooth, wet skin. Time for me.

The words ‘I love you too’.


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