A Poem About Motherhood

My beautiful friend has written a stunning poem about the battle between parenthood and the rest of life. She was inspired by my blog.

Like me, she’s fighting postnatal depression. We’ve shared our struggles with each other and our daughters have a lovely friendship. I’m very proud of you KC, hang in there.

“I’m sorry if the house’s a mess,
And the beds remain unmade,
But today I’ve climbed a mountain,
And dived a deep sea cave.

I’m sorry if the cupboards are half stocked,
And my husbands shirt a little creased,
But my days been full of my daughters cuddles,
And I’ve kissed her tiny feet.

I’m sorry if my lawns not mowed,
Or the flowers never pruned,
But today I’ve been an astronaut,
And flown a rocket to the moon.

I’m sorry if there’s dust on the shelves,
And I haven’t vacuumed for a week,
But today I’ve made a magical den,
And listened to the same song on repeat!

I’m sorry if I’ve missed your facebook status,
Or forget to #retweet,
But today I’ve jumped in muddy puddles,
And played hopscotch in the street.

I’m sorry if my car’s full of rubbish,
And there’s chocolate on the seats,
But today she used the potty twice,
So deserved a little treat.

I’m sorry if I forget you’ve text,
Or arrive late to a girls night,
But today I’ve made 21 mud pies,
And then flown my daughters kite.

I’m sorry if my stories bore you,
Or you feel I no longer care,
But I’ll never get this time back with her,
To make fun memories to share.

I’m sorry that my life has changed,
And we’ve taken different paths,
But I have my precious daughter now,
And she deserves my heart.”

The blog that inspired the poem:



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  1. May I please have permission to print this out for my wall.and change the female words for male ones to fit my son? I love this poem.

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