Anyone Got A Womb For Rent?

I’m suddenly awash with sadness. I’ve mostly been swinging between agitation and anxiety and lethargy and fatigue, but tonight I’m just plain old sad. I feel so sad that my life has come to this. What a waste of a life. So ungrateful.

I feel sad and lonely and frightened. I just want to be wrapped up tight like a baby and mothered. I need all the decisions and responsibilities to be taken away from me. All the bad things and stresses would disappear and I’d just feel warmth and love. I need a womb to hide in.

But that’s not real life, is it. What kind of a person can’t cope with everyday life? What kind of a person can’t see how blessed she is? I have to keep reminding myself that I’m not always nasty or self involved or undeserving. My brain is just malfunctioning. It just needs some TLC and some medicine to make it better.


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  1. i m healthy i have given birth to my three healthy sons

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