The Clear Out


Pretty pink bags, all sealed with goodies and addressed, off to the post office and then on to their new homes. Pre-loved clothes, ready to be re-loved, worn again by other children, that will hopefully have just as much fun in them.

The clothes in these bags are some of my most precious items. Tiny floral baby grows, pinafore dresses and dungarees. Holding them close to me brings back a waterfall of memories, not all good, but memories to never be forgotten all the same.

Holding onto things that have no useful purpose is pointless. They’ll just serve as a reminder of the children I’m never going to have. I’ve kept a few precious things, the first outfits, some hand knitted items. But to keep bags and bags seems wasteful. They deserve to be worn again.

Listing them on eBay kept me busy, rummaging through the holdall in the attic, photographing them neatly. Packaging them was a chore. Writing the names and addresses on them was heartbreaking. My baby’s clothes, scattered around the country, along with them goes some if the hope that one day I’ll change my mind and have the large family I dreamed of.



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