You have to catch the self pity early if you want to salvage anything of the day.

What begins as a small niggling negative thought soon consumes everything. Instead of being brushed aside, it becomes the focus of your mind. Nothing else matters except the darkness you’re feeling. Fuck everyone, you feel bad. Time to climb into bed and let it fester. Let’s think about all the other shit you’ve been through as well, just for good measure.

Children dying of starvation? Global warming? Those less fortunate? I couldn’t give a shit. *I* feel awful. Why can’t *I* catch a break? I’ll feel guilty about this later. Another negative feeling to contend with. Cheers.

You’ve got to stop yourself somehow, go out, do something, make yourself busy. But fighting against the urge to wallow is tough going, it’s all your mind wants to do. You need to distract yourself *immediately*. No one else here? No errands to run? No excuse to go out? It’s too late. The day is done for. Wallowing it is.



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  1. We all need a good, deep wallow… And to start again afresh.

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