I love mothers. I love reaching out to other women, women that have grown and nurtured another human being. It creates this magical bond, somehow. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I feel connected to every other mother in the world.

We’ve all been through the most awesome, overwhelming thing of wonder. We all carry the weight of motherhood. Some more easily than others, and we all parent differently, but we’re all the same. Bound together by the gift of a child

Our stories and journeys will be miles apart. Some of us are mothers to multiples, preemies, angel babies. Some of us struggle daily to provide for our children. Some of us try really hard to love them, some of us worry we never will. But we’re all united by motherhood. In this together.

I love that parenting forums and Facebook and Twitter and my blog have meant that I can connect with so many people. Whether we’ve got exclusively pumping in common, or post natal depression in common, or whether it’s just that you’re also a mother, it’s amazing. I genuinely feel tied to each and every one of you. It’s a kind of love, we’re sisters. Soppy hippyness, but it’s true.

Thank you for all the support, for every ‘like’, comment, email and tweet. Thank you for all the cups of coffee and advice and late night texts. Motherhood is that much easier when you don’t go it alone.


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  1. Ditto to all of the above! Hurray for the motherhood 🙂 x

  2. A beautiful post 🙂 Recently there was a post of Facebook about an 8 year old boy who had gone missing (thankfully he was quickly found), the comments on the post had turned into a fight between parents, some pro-giving independance to children, some against. It was very, very sad…

    I have included a link to your blog in our latest post to invite you to write a Breastfeeding Meme! I hope you won’t mind that I give it to you as it is, with questions that won’t be adapted to your experience but it would mean a lot if you’d join and put your own stamp on it, changing the questions as you see fit!

    Anne xx

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