Adventures In Dom

Dom as in Domperidone, before you minxes get any ideas.

I’ve taken Domperidone since the beginning. As soon as I knew breastfeeding wasn’t working and I knew I’d need something to help keep my supply going. I’d been told that a supply can’t be maintained through pumping alone, so my goal was to pump until I inevitably dried up. Then an Internet forum (Pumping Mummies on BabyCentre UK) led me to Dom, which my midwife was happy to ask my doctor to prescribe.

At four months, I was able to give Moo breast milk alone. I hadn’t dried up, my milk supply was in fact increasing. I soon had bags for the freezer. I stopped taking herbal supplement Fenugreek and my supply didn’t dip, confirming that it was the Domperidone truly helping me out.

My lactation consultant advised that I try to wean from the Dom. I dropped the dose slightly, and my supply nose dived. I tried this several times over the following months, with the same results. My supply was Domperidone dependent. I worried that constantly taking a medication would take its toll, so did some research. An article by Dr Jack Newman put my mind at rest (, so I continued to use the Dom that my milk relied upon.

I have to apply for more Domperidone every few weeks, writing a note to my doctor. Recently I gave the task of dropping off the note and picking up the medication to my husband, I was stuck at home with Moo who was suffering with a stomach bug. Long story short, the note was dropped off late and the Domperidone was picked up late. During the few days in between, I ran out of Dom.


My supply dwindled away to almost nothing. Even I was surprised at how little I could pump with no Dom at all. The freezer stash was eaten into and I topped up a few bottles with cows milk.


Eventually, the Domperidone arrived. I’ve never been more pleased to see a bag of drugs. I got stuck right in with my regular dose, 80mg a day. This was a mistake. All was well on the milk front, I was soon back up to my 7-8oz output. But I believe my mental health suffered. I was incredibly low for several days, anxiety attacks, feelings of not wanting to live. I hadn’t felt that mentally unstable in a long time. I can’t know for sure that it was the Domperidone, but it would be awfully coincidental. I’ll most definitely ease my way back in if I go without again.


I’ll always be thankful for Domperidone. It’s all that has kept my milk supply going and has meant that I haven’t had to pump continuously around the clock for 28 months. How long I’ll be taking it is an unknown. I go through phases of looking for other ways to boost my supply without going back to pumping regime of the beginning. Until I either wean or find the magic herb that’ll give me double my output, the Domperidone is always there.


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  1. Wow, I wish I had known about Dom! I also was an exclusive pumper (flat practically inverse nipples and kids with absolutely no interest in working for their food!) and with each (I have three) the supply died a death at around 2-3 months. Which meant having to buy expensive powdered baby milk (and that I gained a tonne of weight as soon as I stopped pumping…boo!). Ah well, no use crying over spilt milk (so to speak). Love the blog!

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