Wow, what a long day.

What I thought would be a trip to the GP to be told to keep giving her Calpol, turned into a trip to the children’s ward in hospital. The doctor seemed so concerned we got there quickly that I panicked and cried, and for a split second I got a brief snapshot of what it might be like to have a seriously ill child. Your natural instinct to protect comes out in full force and you realise that you would literally give anything to save them from any pain.

The hospital staff were fantastic, although Moo became hysterical whenever they tried to treat her. Her temperature was 40.6 while we were there, and trying to get a urine sample wasn’t very fun. She has a UTI and we were sent home at midnight with antibiotics.

There were children a lot more ill than Moo on the ward, some with kidney problems and others with NG tubes. I’m so thankful for Moo’s good health, she’s rarely ill. We’re so blessed to have the NHS and the luxury of modern medicine. I’m praying the drugs work quickly and she’s soon back to her normal self, I just wish I’d taken her to the GP sooner.

Squeeze those beautiful babies tight mamas, we’re truly blessed. Big love to anyone worrying for their child’s health tonight. My heart is with you.


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