I Could Cry

I could weep for a thousand years tonight, an ocean of sorrow. I could cry until there was nothing left of my body, it would just dehydrate, crumble and die.

I so wish I could breastfeed. It seems such a simple wish. I wasn’t asking for much, just for the simple, natural, nurturing, loving, beautiful act of breastfeeding. I feel robbed. Who can I blame? Who stole the experience from me? What did I do to be denied it? Why do others get to breastfeed baby after baby and I got nothing. It’s making me bitter. At times I resent breast feeders. How dare you flaunt pictures of your darling breastfeeding babe. Can’t you see I’m broken? I’m becoming an awful, awful person.

Please Lord, take this grief away.


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  1. I’m sure you’re doing a great job of expressing and your baby’s still getting the benefits. And so are you too. I breastfed for a few weeks. No more due to hellp syndrome, being nil by mouth and doing all the things you shouldn’t do – not enough fluid, no food etc… I was a bit gutted at first but then realised how lucky I was to still be here. Cliche but oh so true. Stay a strong pumping mama.

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