Please Be Grateful

If you had a healthy pregnancy, please be grateful. You avoided HG, SPD, pre eclampsia, gestational diabetes. You spent the time enjoying the flutters, taking photos of your bump and decorating a nursery yourself. It could have been so different.

If you had a straightforward birth, please be thankful. You didn’t suffer the trauma of ventouse, heart rates dropping, emergency c sections, 4th degree tearing or blood loss. Your birth plan was followed, you enjoyed immediate skin to skin, your hospital stay was brief. It could have been so different.

Your baby is healthy, please feel blessed. You didn’t have to watch them be resuscitated, sleep in an incubator. You’re not facing a life of hospital appointments, therapy and surgery. You’re cradling your baby, hearing their first cries and taking them home. It could have been so different.

Sending big love to the mamas struggling today, pregnant and ill, dealing with post traumatic stress disorder or watching their child struggle for breath. My heart is with you.


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