Tied By Tongue Tie

My grandad has a tongue tie. It’s one of the worst I’ve ever seen, he can’t poke it out, he can’t lick an ice cream. My niece had a tongue tie, her speech appeared to be affected. I have a tongue tie, I didn’t realise until the lactation consultant told me. She had come to visit to help Moo and I a few days after her birth. She identified that Moo had a hereditary tongue tie, but that we’d see if it affected breastfeeding before we decided to address it.

Breastfeeding was already affected. Moo would mostly just latch for a few seconds at a time, pulling off crying and screaming. Her latch looked fine, but the seal around my nipple wasn’t tight. At the end of any feed that did last a few minutes, she’d be covered in milk. She’d lost weight, and I’d fallen into the ‘top her up with a bottle of formula’ trap. I’d have to pinch her cheeks and push her mouth into a pout so that her lips sealed around the bottle teat, otherwise the milk would flow down over her chin. She also took in a lot of air when feeding, which meant that she was even more unsettled and in pain.

The LC was called back eventually, and Moo had her tongue tie snipped by a qualified doctor at 5 weeks. I never did get breastfeeding going again. I think this was partly due to the fact that breastfeeding had been so traumatic for Moo so far that she was unwilling to try. Why struggle for milk when your mum could pop a bottle into your mouth?

Why on God’s beautiful Earth tongue tie isn’t checked for at birth I will never know. It’s so simple, it could easily be included in the post birth pediatric assessment. Tongue tie was never mentioned in my ante natal breastfeeding class. My GP thinks that tongue tie snipping is some kind of new craze.

I beg of you, please ask for your baby’s tongue to be checked at birth. It could save you (and your baby) so much pain. If the hospital refuse then get in touch with your nearest lactation consultant. If you’re in the UK then the link is below the article.




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  1. Thing is many do ask but most hcps aren’t properly trained they look say no it’s fine mum struggles and wonders why as no tt?!?
    I asked at c’s birth they said no and he could at least latch but by day 6 horrendous pain and weight loss I called out IBCLC Ann whom I already knew of, I knew he did she came the next day and snipped at a week old still a lot of battles and finally at 6mths I felt like we’d got there with bf this time. Hcps need proper training but I’d lost trust in them from my experience with m so wouldn’t have believed them anyway only Ann Dobson or Charlotte at Milk matters are 2 people I’d trust. It’s re-opened wounds from my experience with m, makes me sad. Great blog!!

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