Part Time Human Being

I think I’d be really good at this. Being in existence half the time. Perhaps asleep the rest. I like life about half of the time. I like doing things, but half of me always wants to be in bed hibernating.

I want to tidy and keep my house nice, but the other half of me can’t be arsed. I’d like to cook wonderful meals from scratch, but the other half of me reaches for some pasta and a jar of sauce.

I’d like to be a ten-out-of-ten parent, Blue Peter style, dancing like a Red Coat and covered in plastercine and glitter. But half of me wants to hide under the covers, where its safe and easy. You can’t fail from the foetal position in bed

I can manage a few hours at a time, scrape some drive together from somewhere. But I soon wane, yearning for some time laying down. It’s become a family joke that I enjoy being horizontal, it’s my favourite activity. But sometimes it’s genuinely all I have the energy and inclination for.

Mediocre, melancholy, half-assed, procrastinating, unenthusiastic. That’s me. Does anyone have any spare motivation? Perhaps there’s someone out there I could life-share with, live life in shifts? Meh.


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  1. I feel almost the same way pretty consistently, it sucks. I’m sorry 😦

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