Go Away, World.

I’ve had enough today.

Climbed on, wee and poo everywhere, nagged at, whined at, run away from, no bin bags, dirty house, tired, disorganised, covered in food and bogies and urine.

Today has been a long day. I can feel the crazy creeping in on days like this. There’s not enough hours in the day to get everything done, and if there were I’d want to spend them laid in bed in a quiet room on my own. Running away seems a sensible option. That and burning my house to the ground so I don’t have to tidy it. I need some toddler free time to sort every inch of it and throw everything away. I like a homely home, but this amount of crap can’t be healthy. I also need my husband to put the bin bags back where they belong.

The witching hour, as I’ve named it, is the time between 5 and 6pm. In trying to prepare dinner and Moo *has* to help. I’m watching a hot stove, a toddler balanced on a chair doing her ‘cooking’, tidying as best I can. Moo is getting angsty, wanting her dinner. More goes on the floor than in her mouth, she must share mine and insists on chopping everything with a knife. I’m desperate for my husband to get home, raging if he’s a few minutes late. This one hour can make the whole day feel ruined.

Go away world, I need five minutes peace.


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  1. *hugs* I feel the same. I relish the 5 mins alone between me arriving home and Him & LittleOne arriving home and the madness that is The Bedtime Countdown begins.

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