Breastfeeding Is A Waste Of Time

I’ve just read this article:

Here’s my response:

What else do new mothers expect to be doing with that time? Surely feeding your baby came with the newborn package? How can nourishing a new life be time wasted?

Washing, cooking and cleaning can wait. Isn’t the priority feeding your baby in the best possible way that you can? Long soaks in the bath are sacrificed, that’s what being a parent is about. (And breast feeding in the bath is pretty awesome).

Bottle feeding takes 6.6 hours a week less time, apparently. Does this factor in the washing and sterilising? The kettle boiling? Waiting for the milk to cool? I know I’d rather spend that extra time laid down with my baby snuggled in.

Soft skin, rhythmic breathing, that gorgeous newborn smell, stroking curled up fingers and tiny toes… Time wasted?!? I don’t think so.

I can almost get my head around the fact that breast feeding isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But to say that it’s time wasted is ludicrous. I can’t think of anything else I’d rather be doing.


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  1. I wrote a similar post on this article as well. Yours was a little bit more gentle though!

  2. yeah, this article was insane. that poor mama is in for a shock when she realizes her entire journey of motherhood will be filled with calls to self sacrifice and pulls on her time. eek. being a mom has changed my definition of productivity but it’s been the best change of my life.

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