Hello 2am, We Meet Again

I thought these days were long gone, but alas, here I am in the early hours of the morning, woken by a toddler calling out to me.

I find myself stood in a too brightly lot kitchen, waiting for milk to heat, climbing the mountainous stairs, swaying like a drunkard. Tonight Moo also wanted a cuddle, to be held like a baby, not an easy feat in a small wicker chair. I took some time to look at her soft smooth peachy skin, absolutely flawless, as she quietly whimpered. Eventually laid back in her cot, snuggled in duvet, I listened to her soft suckling and rhythmic breathing, and thought of all the millions of other parents, also awake feeding their young at this ungodly hour.

So hello, wherever you are. I’m here too. Semi conscious, longing to be horizontal in bed, praying for a full nights slumber, but also fulfilling my child’s need for a late night drink. We’re members of the worlds greatest night time society, all in this together, ruled by love.


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