Back To Bottle

Moo has begun waking in the night again the last few days, she asks for milk. Of course, I oblige. I’m often peckish when she wakes me too. (I often find myself with a finger in a jar of biscuit spread…)

Now she’s started wanting the bottles back at bedtime too, its all that will settle her. The sippy cup and flask have gone out the window. She wants to drink her delicious bedtime milkies laid down on the soft pillow, with her snugly quilt enveloping her, gently suckling. How can I deny her that?

If I were nursing her at the breast, she would be cuddled in, drinking from a soft teat, drifting off to sleep. But I can’t give her that, so the bottle seems the next best thing.

I’m sure health care professionals would pitch a fit. But I’m doing what I can to make bedtimes a wonderful, peaceful, loving, calming, as-close-to-breastfeeding-as-I-can-get experience. So, the bottles are back.


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  1. Health care professionals can P*** off. Whatever makes a happy baby makes happy parents. And HCPs arent there, listening to the screams and watching the big fat tears roll down those squishy cheeks.

    Bottles, cup, boob, biscuit, toast. Whatevs. If it works, it aint silly!

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