Bottle, Your Highness?


These ads have made me a little sad today. And I’m not one of those breast feeders that thinks that every image of a bottle is bashing me for my feeding choices or brain washing expectant mothers. I don’t feel anger or rage, I won’t be writing to any companies to complain or standing on a soap box in the street ranting about it.

I just think it’s sad. Sad that this image is so normal. We think nothing of seeing a baby suckling on a bottle, or toy bottles sold with dollies, or 20 foot billboards covered in cartons of Aptimil. And that’s kinda sad. I’m so, so thankful that formula exists. Without it Moo would have been starving hungry and emaciated. I relied on formula for four months while I built up enough of a milk supply to feed her breast milk alone. But it’s a shame that bottle feeding and formula are the norm. That breast feeding is the ‘different’ thing to do. That breast feeding in the street is gawped at, while bystanders don’t even blink an eye at a bottle in a baby’s mouth.

In a perfect world, every baby would be breastfed. It would feel natural and normal and beautiful to every mother. No woman would struggle to produce breast milk, no baby would find it difficult to latch. There would be no tongue tie. Any weight gain would be acceptable. Mothers would be overjoyed that babies woke often to feed. Nursing bras would be sexy.

But this isn’t a perfect world, this is a world where infant bottles are used to sell tea and biscuits.


PS: Breast milk is great with tea and biscuits.


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  1. Hello, I recently came across your blog and have started following, and wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Super Sweet Blogging Award! Take care, Georgia from Mckinley Milestones

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