His Royal Highness Is Here

I really worried for Kate. The scrutiny her pregnancy was under, the speculation about her HG, the constant questioning of the sex. I’m sure she was filled with the same pregnancy worries as any other expectant mother, praying her baby lived to full term, exhausted and dehydrated from sickness, stretch marks, blood pressure, urine samples, cankles, feeling uncomfortable in bed. But all the while having to maintain an air of grace, serenity, keeping her composure. I’m sure there were days when she thought ‘shit, I’m so tired’ and just wanted to throw on some jogging bottoms and get a dirty macdonalds drive thru.

I hope she managed to embrace pregnancy as a ‘normal’ mother can. Texting her friends with scan pics, making a collage of her months of bump pics, choosing the first outfit. I hope she hasn’t felt too overwhelmed. Pregnancy is all consuming, but to carry the weight of growing the future heir to the thrown must be suffocating.

I’ve been completely swept up in the magic surrounding William and Kate. I even threw a tea party for the wedding. I’m thrilled to witness the birth of the latest royal baby, this is history being written.

After experiencing a traumatic birth, I hope Kate was safe and healthy today. Birth can be strenuous, exhausting, emotional, physically demanding. I pray she recovers quickly, has time to gaze at her baby boys face, stroke his fingers and gets some sleep.

Will the baby be breastfed? What will his name be? Where will he go to school? Will they hire a nanny? Who cares?!? I just pray he’s happy and healthy and loved, shielded from any unwelcome publicity, his privacy respected.

Congratulations to William and Kate and their family. I send them prayers, well wishes and love.


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