In Mourning.

I’ve been mourning a loss. I warn you in advance that many of you will find this image upsetting.


We were very kindly given a new freezer so I took the opportunity to sort through my frozen milk stash. Much of it was ‘out of date’, some pumped as long ago as 18 months. It had to go.

So here it is, a pile of frozen breast milk, 56 bags all together. Each bag contains a minimum of 5oz, some as much as 9oz. So that’s at least 280oz of milk.

I spent at least 20 minutes pumping per bag. That’s 1120 minutes. 18.6 hours.

And now it’s gone, down the drain. The lesson I’ve learned: better milk management. Bags need to be organised in the freezer in the order they need to be used. I need to use a bag of frozen milk every few days and replace it with fresh milk.

We live and learn.


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