I’m Tired…

I’m tired.

It’s been a long week so far. I’ve been out to work and working from home, my husband has been away, I’ve been doing some peer supporting, housework, potty training, cooking…

It’s moments like this, as bedtime approaches, that my mind is confused for a split second.

For just a heart beat, I think I need to go to the kitchen, fetch bottles, position myself as upright (and as uncomfortably) as I can, and spend twenty minutes listening to the pump vibrate on the bed that I wish i was laid down in.

And then, I remember. I don’t pump in the evenings any more. And I feel my body flood with relief.

When I’m tired, and I hear my pillow calling (as you do…), I can just crawl up the stairs, slither in between the sheets and let my mind wander off into oblivion.

After checking Facebook, obviously.


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